The Truth About Quinn Fabray
The Truth About Quinn Fabray: Glee's Head Bitch in Charge Is a Repressed Lesbian Who Is Secretly in Love with Rachel Berry

A few nights ago, my mom and I were talking about Glee, and at one point I mentioned that I truly believed that Quinn was a repressed lesbian. Or even if she wasn't, she has a massive crush on Rachel. When my mom gave me a look of disbelief, I likened it to Helga's crush on Arnold in Hey Arnold. My mom was still skeptical, so I mentioned the fact that Quinn drew pornographic pictures of Rachel on the bathroom walls, dreamt of herself surrounded by girls dressed in football uniforms, and drew a picture of Rachel surrounded by 30 hearts. That seemed to give her pause, but I could tell she wasn't entirely convinced.

So I decided to break it down using both pictures and words.

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