I kinda sorta really love you right now. *bookmarks page*

You are chalk full of so much epic. Thank you! <3

I am going to keep this as a link forever and direct all doubters right here.

Ok, you are a goddess for taking the time to write up and share this analysis. I love Faberry Studies. Sadly, I doubt Quinn coming out would ever come to pass, given who the writers are and the perception that there's probably too much 'gay' on the show already, but I would not be surprised in the least if she did turn out to be gay. It's so subtextual at this point, but it's so obvious, there is so much evidence.

One thing I do want to say, though - there are certain moments in scenes where I'm convinced that it's just Achele in the Faberry, for instance:

The look Dianna gives Lea at the end of Wheels

The Lean on Me perf (more Lea looking at Dianna)

Sectionals perf - Lea clearly looks to the side at Di as she comes up on stage, and then they exchange and hold a look before Lea turns back around

Dianna checking Lea out at end of Theatricality

Hand holding in Dog Days - if this wasn't OOC/Achele, then the Glee writers just really don't give a damn anymore about character continuity

My two cents, but I'm sure this has all been discussed before..

Oh, and it's so funny about Quinn always being surrounded by girls in her solo song perfs. I swear Dianna had something in her contract in S1 lol

My take on those moments is that if they happen on screen is part of the show and, therefore, part of the characters XD

this is the best thing I've ever read. you've basically summed up every faberry shipper's reasoning ...for everything.
Thank you.

Aw, thanks!

Even though our ship is pretty cracky, it's not entirely unfounded. ;)

This is the best thing that has ever been on the internet. There were so many moments in the show that I somehow missed, and I was even wearing my bifocals!! Thanks for sharing this :-)

Thank you!

My subtext goggles are on, like, all the time when I watch TV. I honed my skills while watching Xena: Warrior Princess, so not a lot gets by me. XD

Oh, Glee, I just want to show this to my mother and just get her 'straight' opinion on it because I want someone in real life that I can express my feelings that Quinn is a lesbian to and understand why I think so.

Kudos to you for this.

*continues to contemplate showing this to my mother*


Well, it's up to you whether or not to show this to your mom, but I'm certainly going to show it to my mom considering I started writing this for her. ;)

Loved it. Even though Season 2 is doing really well at pissing off a lot of fans, I hope you continue watching to strength Quinn's repressed lesbianism.


Yeah, season 2 hasn't been so great. I keep watching in the hopes that it will go back to being more like it was in season 1, but I'm starting to think that will never happen. Fandom is actually a big reason I'm still watching. The Faberry/Brittana bubble is a wonderful place to be. :)

This was epically awesome. It was all academic-sounding and rational at times, while also being total fangirl and adorable.

As an aside, when Karofsky (the homophobic gay bully) kissed Kurt, you can imagine my frustration at having that not been Quinn kissing Rachel. The dynamic is the same—in fact, even more so—and has been since the pilot. That is an admitted drawback to this show—only gay male characters are given real visibility.

ALSO THIS. Makes so much sense!

Thank you! Even though I have what I think are logical reasons to believe Quinn is gay, part of the fun is catching when she let's it show. ;)

So I haven't gone through the whole entry yet, just finished episode 2 but just wanted to say how amazing you are for compiling and preparing this whole entry. *Adds to bookmarks* :)

The Glist [...] This is meant to rehabilitate Quinn's reputation, so, naturally, she places it on Rachel's locker rather than where everyone in the school can see it.

Hahahahahahahah. I <3 you for this. It goes to memories.

You could post it at rachel_quinn, I'm sure a lot of people would like to read it.

Thank you! :D

I think I will post this to rachel_quinn. I wasn't sure if I should at first, since this mostly focuses on Quinn, but I guess it would interest Faberry shippers.

OH MY GOD. That was amazing.
I <3 you.

I don't know if anyone ever pointed that out but.. it seems, to me, that Quinn may think she'll be better off at the end of high school. Mostly because of her BGB relationships, but also because of her only goal in the show: to be popular enough to make it to the Prom. And everyone knows that The Prom means the end of your high school career, although Glee might have hinted that it means also the end your troubles with the social hierachy. Therefore, summing up, we have:Quinn living with her mother (and her father, we don't know); Quinn being afraid of being homeless again because of a mistake (or something equally embarrassing such as being homosexual in a christian household); Quinn sad and broken because of her unrequited feelings for Rachel; Quinn being aggressive towards Rachel as a mean to vent out her frustration; Quinn being also submissive towards Rachel as a mean of gaining her affections; Quinn using silly boys as a mean to attain popularity (a.k.a. diverging the popular attention to the fact that she can't hide her preferences anymore); Quinn thinking that the end of high school will mean that she might get to leave for college and maybe she won't have to sustain appearences anymore; Quinn sticking to it as her only hope; and finally, Quinn hoping Rachel may leave for college too, without a boyfriend to accompany her.

This is long :) but it's also the way I see things.. Thank you so much for your effort in this case study :DD


I agree with a lot of this, actually, and I love when fanfic writers really explore these things indepth.

She's expressed a wish to get out of Lima, and she's doing everything she can to make that happen (being captain of a nationally ranked cheerleading squad and on honor roll can only help). But until then, she's kind of stuck playing by the rules (whether they are the ones imposed on her by her family or the ones imposed by the school hierarchy) because she's not willing to step out of line. For as tough as she acts sometimes, she's actually very insecure.

No matter which angle you go at, Quinn really is a fascinating character. It's too bad Team Glee seems to have basically forgotten about her. :P

(Deleted comment)
You don't know me, I stumbled across this post randomly. It's a wonderful breakdown and character study.

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it. :)

This is the best thing ever compiled I'm sure of it.
Even my mum (when presented with this evidence) agrees! Hahah she was just like '-Kanye Shrug- All the best to her!' It was funny. I'm gonna show this to every person I can find. Just sayin'. Although I think most of it, like the smiles during performances is Dianna and Lea it's still adorable, and I'll take any Faberry I can get, even if it's Achele in the Faberry :D
Awsome analysis. Very very cool.

Thanks! :)

Nice. I'm still waiting to see what my mom's verdict is after reading this.

Achele in the Faberry is still Faberry. If they leave it in the show, it definitely counts. ;)

I wanted to do the same thing, but I was too lazy. XD You're amazing for this.

Amazing. Thanks for putting this together!! Definitely bookmarked.

This is pure genius! Everything just completely adds up to Quinn being super gay. I mean we all new this already but it's always nice to have proof. Great job. Any chance you'll do one about Rachel now?

Thanks! It's painfully obvious. I wish the writers would get a clue and out her already. :P Or at least explain the drawings.

I don't think I'll do one for Rachel. There isn't really enough to warrant itShe's had some moments that made me think she maybe felt some attraction to Quinn (mostly in "Vitamin D" and "Throwdown")... but I really don't think Rachel is gay.

However, I don't necessarily think she's straight either. I assume she is open minded in regard to her own sexual orientation, but from the back 9 on, it's been all Finn and Jesse, so it's hard to say how she feels about girls romantically and sexually.

To be honest, if I was given creative control over this show at this moment in time, I would have unrequited Faberry. Maybe they'd kiss - Rachel experimenting a bit - but I'd never actually date or anything. But there would eventually be the friendship I thought we'd be getting after the front 13. :P

Dude (gender neutral kind), this was awesome.

I personally didn't use to read Quinn as gay, but damn you make a lot of sense. Scarily much sense actually. And sometimes I really wish that glee could have been "that kind of show" where female (homo)sexuality actually got some respect. Because this story, Quinn's story, should most definitely be told, and not just through subtext.

Damn, this really was very good. Goes into my memories for sure.

Thanks! :)

The disparity between male and female characters storylines this season is appalling. We are shown the boys being friends with each other (Puck and Artie, Finn and Sam), them struggling with their various issues, and Kurt's bullying storyline - with Karofsky (a side character) getting more development than half the regular female characters.

Meanwhile, the girls aren't doing anything other than functioning as plot points for the boys in their lives, and sexism is played for laughs. They desperately need a female writer on board.

And if Team Glee isn't going to go anywhere romantically with Brittana, then I think Quinn's story needs to be told. Yes, Kurt's story is important, but he is out and proud and has a father who accepts him. There are many people who are in the same position Quinn seems to be in, and would benefit from seeing her come to terms with her sexuality. Plus, I think it would make for great storytelling.

OMG you've totally summed this up I am definately showing this to all my non believing friends at college!! Seriously great work!!

Couple of things though:
you missed out 2 things one in Bad Reputation where while there doing the wired conger line thing in Ice Ice Rachel looks behind and smiles to Quinn who smiles back. It's really quick like blink and you'll miss it but it's there. And in the Bittney/Britney episode at the end of Toxic when the Glee club are on stage looking at the sex riot there's a wide camera shot of all of them and Quinn and Rachel are hugging and laughing at the chaos. This is also quite fast.

Hope you don't get offended by me saying this as I think your break down off Quinn Fabrey is inspiered!!!!

Thanks! :D

I don't mind at all when people point out things I've missed! Honestly, I never noticed that moment in "Bad Reputation." I'll have to go back and look for it. :)

Also, I realized yesterday that I didn't include that hugging/laughing at the end of "Toxic," but that number was so poorly edited that it's hard to get decent screenshots of it b/c they're so tiny. And like you said, it goes by really fast.

There was also a moment in "Mattress" that I forgot to include:

You make a sound case - and thanks for the screenshots; I appreciate the hard work putting this together. :-)

Thank you! :)

I had fun reading that.
And you may have converted me to your point of view.

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it!

Holy shit, this is fantastic! I've been trying to explain this to my friends practically since the show began. You just did it so much better!


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